The activity of our society has always kept diversity in mind while maintaining our core value of offering quality surgical and medical extracurricular training. In this regard, establishing and growing the SideMED English Department has been one of our long-term goals. We warmly announce that the 2023 recruitment period is open for English Section students of UMPhST, with the aim of expanding our reach, uniting the international community of students at our university, and most importantly, transcending the cultural barriers that ought not to exist in our field.

United by the knowledge that skill practice is indispensable in the development of a future doctor, SideMED volunteers are the people who make theoretical principles come to life in high-quality medical workshops, congresses, and conferences.

Alongside their contribution to medical education, SideMED members, through their activity, learn surgical skills and clinically important concepts, gain leadership and teamwork skills, and learn about the organisational processes behind congresses and other medical events.

With the help of SideMED volunteers, we can materialize the vision of extracurricular education by putting it into practice.

“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.”

– Sherry Anderson

So you want to become a SideMED volunteer?

Here is a quick step-by-step guide:

• Step 1 – Fill in the form below.

In order to complete the form below you must have previously participated in a full weekend ‘Basic Surgical Techniques’ (BST) workshop organised by SideMED, or ‘Knots & Sutures’ workshop organised by SSCR. Workshops that took place within congresses do not count. This is a mandatory criteria.

If you did not get a chance to do so yet, SideMED will organize another BST edition before the recruitment period ends.

• Step 2 – Attend an on-site interview with the current SideMED Administrative Board.

This step does not require any preparation in advance.

• Step 3 – Participate in theoretical and practical training, based on the subject matter of the BST workshop.

• Step 4 – Sit an on-site theoretical and practical EXAM.

If you encounter any problems during the sign-up process, please contact us at