Turning point - English

How do we react when things don't go according to plan? What happens when the right decision isn't found in guidelines? Are mistakes permitted in medicine?

We discuss how to address atypical cases from the personal careers of the invited physicians, the impact their decisions had on the patient and their own vision of medicine, and what the journey was like from medical history to the successful (or unsuccessful) realization of the case.

Invited lecturer: Dr. Kinga Janosi

Subject: Aesthetic crown lengthening and full mouth rehabilitation

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Challenges from clinical practice.

Turning Point is the event through which we aim to develop efficient thinking mechanisms in medical practice. We believe that stimulating a concrete understanding of how a case should be managed is essential for acquiring a well-founded medical conduct


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From interpreting clear signs and symptoms to generating questions that push you out of your comfort zone, the reality of medical practice is what truly guides you in the profession.

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