Pathologies with Anomalies

How do we react when matters do not go as planned? What happens when the best way to proceed is not as per the guidelines? Are mistakes permitted in medicine?

Within the event, the guest speakers will present their way of handling unusual cases they have come across during their medical careers. They will also discuss the impact their decisions had on their patients and on their own vision of medicine, and the entire journey from the taking of the medical history to the successful (or unsuccessful) conclusion of the case.

Invited speakers

  1. Assist. Dr. Laura Bărcuțean, neurology consultant, County Emergency Clinical Hospital of Târgu Mureș
  2. Assist. Dr. Andrei Modiga, emergency medicine resident, County Emergency Clinical Hospital of Târgu Mureș

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Challenges in clinical practice

Pathologies with Anomalies is the event through which we aim to help you develop efficient thinking mechanisms for your medical practice. We firmly believe that a well-founded medical approach becomes achievable by enhancing the understanding of case management techniques.


Discover your interests.

From interpreting signs and symptoms to generating questions that push you out of your comfort zone, the reality of medical practice is what truly guides you in the profession.

What specialty should I choose?

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