Basic workshop addressed to students who wish to get in touch with oro-maxillo-facial surgical techniques and try to understand theoretical notions and practical procedures essential to surgery.

Following the theoretical presentations, participants benefit from the help of trainers who are in charge of explaining the notions and clearing up any and all insufficiently clear information; subsequent to that, the trainers will explain the practical procedures in a step-by-step manner, until they are understood and successfully executed by the participant.

The workshop aims to have a step-by-step approach to the most efficient method for understanding the basic principles in oro-maxillo-facial surgery, which can then be applied in future advanced workshops in the field.

o Asepsis and Antisepsis
o Surgical Instruments
o Types of Knots used in oro-maxillo-facial surgery (theoretical and practical)
o Types of Sutures used in oro-maxillo-facial surgery (theoretical and practical)

One day event, with the splitting of the subjects in such a way that all participants are permitted to go through everything in a relaxed manner, and tailored to the learning pace of each individual.

Please note that available places are limited and that acceptance to the event is only guaranteed by form submission and payment. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address used for registration after completing these steps.

Required equipment: top scrub or coat, scrub pants are optional.


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